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Plastic pipe line
Large Diameter HDPE Water Supply and Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Line

Large Diameter HDPE/MDPE Water Supply and Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion LineFeatures & Advantages: The Large Diameter HDPE/MDPE Pipe Extrusion Line research & developed by HAOSAITE Machinery Co., features of unique structure, easily control, highly automation and stable performance. Pipes produced by this machine has the moderate rigidity, strength, as well as good flexibility, anti-rot, anti-stress split, and favorable hot melting, make this large diameter pipe considered as the prefer product for water and gas transportation system in cities.Large Diameter HDPE 2-layer, 3-layer Anti-flammable And Anti Static Electricity Pipe Extrusion Line 

Features & Advantages: The modern developed 2-layer or 3-layer spiral mould is specially for double-anti pipe extrusion. This pipe owns even and equal co-extrusion wall thickness, the inner and outer wall made of double-anti material (Anti-flammable, anti static electricity), the core layer of HDPE wall, reasonably reduce the costs of double-anti material, accordingly reduced the costs of the whole product.