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Plastic pipe line
PVC/PE Multi-Hole Pipe Production Line
The line is also called plum blossom pipe just because its section likes plum blossom . It has the features of corrosion resistance, pressure resistance and high tenacity because of its structure of multi-pipe. The pipe also has the features of easy working, strong adaptability, low cost and so on. It has been widely used in the fields of communication, electricity cable and so on.
The Main Technical Specifications
Model JG-DKG51/105 JG-DKG90
Row Material   PVC PE
Extruder   51/105conical double-screw 90/28
Range of Pipe Dia. mm five-aperture, seven-aperture five-aperture, seven-aperture
Installed capacity kw 76 68
Average Energy Consumption kw 50 40
Dimension (L×W×H) (Approx) mm 20000×2200×2100 18000×2000×2000
Total Weight (Approx) T 7 6