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Plastic extruder
High Speed Extruders

Two stages styles unitary design, reinforcing plasticization capacity guaranteed high performance and high velocity extruding. The particular kind of barrier, BM type synthetical mixing design guaranteed blending effect.High shear and low melting temperature guaranteed high performance extrusion.

The design conception

*High production capacity and high velocity extruding on the high quality base;
*Low temperature plasticization?design guarantees high quality product.
*High twisting force output, the huge thrust bearing;

*The gear and shaft is high intensity alloy steel, and are treated by carburizing and tooth grinding. .
*High hardness and clean degree, and extremely low noise;

*The charging hopper style automatic drier guards against the material from damp.

*Automatic feeder effectively reduces labour intensity;
*May select weight in feeding unit to control product weight.
*Automatic PLC intelligence control to achieve the linkage action of main machine and auxiliary machine;
*Man-machine interface easy to supervise, the process and the machinery condition can be conveniently comprehended;
*Control mode (temperature control meter) may be replaced in the light of requirements.
* Material character is 38CrMoALIA, nitrogen treatment;
*Strict temperature control accuracy, wind cooling and water cooling unite;
* The distinctive feeding inlet with consummate water-cooling unit design.
*The bushing is designed to specialized ladder-shaped trough;
*The barrel with channel surface feeding base suit has the function of increasing capacity, which ensure high velocity and production capacity.

The pipe extrusion:
Applicable to PP-R, PE ignite gas pipe and PEX cross-linking tube, the aluminum plastic composite tube, ABS pipe, PVC pipe, HDPE pipe silicon core pipe and different co-extruding composite pipe in all.

Plate and sheet material extruding:
Applicable to plate and sheet material such as PVC, PET, PS, PP, PC and other different plastic extruding, like silk and bar, etc..

Profile extrusion:
By regulating the rotation speed of extruder and altering screw structure it is applicable to manufacture different plastic profile, like PVC and polyolefin

Modification and granulation:
Being applicable to the different plastic material co-mixing, modification and reinforcing granulation