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Plastic profile production line
Plastic extruding profile production line
This line is the manufacture facilities of PVC plastic profile materials, including window and door series profile, plate, sheet, tiny bubble profile and tiny bubble ornament plate.

The big shape plastic door and window profile production line is developed by Our corporation introduces the advanced technology from abroad, forming a complete system with twin conical screw extruder, it feature high automation degree, smooth work performance, big yield and high efficiency.

Main machine SJSZ60*22
Single screw extruder/Twin conical screws extruder
Single screw extruder/Twin conical screws extruder
Single screw extruder/Twin conical screws extruder
Vacuum forming flat table SDZ-3200 SDT-90 SDT-65
Effective length of flat table mm 3200 2800 1500
Vacuum pump power kw 3*7.5 2*5.5 5.5
Drawing machine type SXQ-240 SLQ-200 SLQ-200
Draw length mm 300 300 300
Draw velocity m/min 0.3-3 0.3-3 0.3-3
Draw power kw 2*1.5 2.2 1.5
Cut power kw 1.1 1.1 1.1
Cut mode Pneumatic/ voluntarily Pneumatic/ voluntarily Pneumatic/ voluntarily
Unit weight kg 8000 7000 6000
Outside dimension m*m*m 16*2.2*2.9 1*2.2*1.9 14*1.9*1.9